Our last trip to China, we ended up having a few days to hang out in Shanghai. One of the days we took a cab to to one of the "swap meet" areas. We walked around, saw some crazy shit, and were followed by a few different people trying to take us somewhere to buy watches or wallets. I'm the first to admit that I dislike visiting China. It's a big culture shock for me and I tend to get really frustrated and impatient there. They are a very hard working country, and it seems to be pretty chaotic most of the time, especially in a car. My buddy Jesse usually goes with me because he is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. Without him, I'd have a hard time getting anywhere. Thanks Jesse. He also keeps me sane. I love the food there though. It's always so delicious, well unless I get confused when someone tells me NOT to eat the gills of the crab and I take a big bite instead. Pig hoof soup, Chicken foot soup, dumplings, the fish is amazingly fresh every time, and one of the restaurants near the factory serves Budweiser, however whiskey is almost impossible to get my lips on. Can't wait for the next trip in June.