Back in 2005, while I was working as a manager at a large retail chain in Salt Lake, I met Chad. I had a little clothing company with some friends, and had recently started designing shoes for what would become Zuriick. Chad offered me a job being a clothing rep shortly after I talked him into buying a nice suit. Little did he know, I was a terrible salesman. He found out quickly though. Chad and I became business partners soon after I quit my job at the retail chain, to try my hand at selling clothing wholesale. We both saw the potential in building a shoe company together, with his 10+ years in the business already and feeling like we had some solid designs to start from. 

We started peddling the shoes locally at Bastille in the Gateway and to our friends. We both had high hopes, but low expectations seeing as how we were funding it ourselves and keeping a day job to do so. After the first few years, it began growing. We had found a small niche in the market and our designs were different enough to grab buyers attention as well as customers. Don't get me wrong, we're still relatively small in the world of shoes and we like it that way. However, seeing Zuriick grow the way it has makes us proud fathers, so to speak. Chad and myself have put in countless hours of hard, strenuous work, fought, argued, threatened each other and thrown back multiple whiskey shots in the name of Zuriick and in the end we'll still be here trying to make the best product we can and offering the best customer service possible. So, when you see Chad at the next trade-show or just around town in Salt Lake, give him a high five or if you're a babe, a back rub would make his day. If you see me, which in reality isn't likely, you don't need to say or do anything cause I'm just the designer, a.k.a.: dick wad. 

** This photo was taken in 2006 with our buddy Jeffrey Owens on the left. It was Chad's birthday celebration, tequila shots and all. We've both aged a bit since then.