Saturday afternoon the weather here let up a bit so I took my little girl across the street to a grassy knoll. It didn't help that it had recently been aerated, but having to dodge the dog turds was ridiculous. I've been a dog owner, and I understand it feels demeaning having to walk around with a plastic bag but if you're going to walk your dog, please have the courtesy to pick up after it. There's no shame and my daughter and I would appreciate it. On a lighter note, JP called me up last night to attend the Anamanaguchi show at Urban Lounge. My buddy Russell and I walked down to the show. To be honest I hadn't heard these guys before and I was quite pleased. They put on a good show and were very friendly. Check them out when you get a chance. The Peelander Z show was seriously entertaining as well. Costumes, hanging from rafters, chants, etc... Good times.