Those who know me, know I'm a big fan of Cursive. Their song Art is Hard came on in my shuffle and got me thinking a little about things. I by no means consider myself an "artist" or what I do "art". However, the line "keep churning out those hits, till it's all the same old shit" is something I can relate to on a daily basis as far as Zuriick is concerned. We're often times criticized as well as praised for what we do here. I enjoy the criticism, more than the praise at times. It seems to motivate me to make better product, it pushes me to make a little more effort so maybe the one guy who says our Spring line is disappointing, isn't disappointed when we release Summer, or Fall or whatever. Art is hard and any type of creative effort that is to be seen by the public eye is for that matter. So to anyone that is putting themselves out there and opening themselves up to criticism, my hat goes off to you. It's not easy to hear someone tell you you're a no talent ass clown, but in the end it's the criticism that makes us all better at what we do. 

First you don't, you don't succeed 

you gotta recreate your misery 

cause we all know art is hard 

young artists have gotta starve 

try and fail and try again 

the comforts of repetition 

keep churning out those hits

till its all the same old shit

Off the subject, Jesse is coming for a visit from Shanghai in a few weeks, in case anyone was wondering.