Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a modern day mecca for what some have defined as hipster chic. Regardless of what you want to label the area as, it’s a place where boutiques, unique lifestyles and great NY culture rests inside the big city. A nice little shoe boutique named Shoe Market sits inside the madness, offering an oasis for shoe fiends. There’s no better place to find Zuriicks in New York than this store owned by Dana Schwister and Erika Vala. Shoe Market is perfect for its location, “Brooklyn is good for its diversity, all the yummy food, endless people watching, music and nightlife, and all the great people who live here,” they say. After spotting Zuriick at a trade show in 2007 the duo picked up the line and have enjoyed it since. “We loved how Zuriick put a twist on the classic vulcanized slip on, by mixing up different color soles with a simple Kung fu style upper,” they say. They also like the direction the brand is moving in, saying, “The new more grown-up styles Zuriick has created are great. They started off so casual but now are offering these simple oxfords and boots with little pops of color.

These folks know what they’re talking about, and their store stock tells the tale. They classify their inventory as “the best of American heritage brands” like Frye and Sperry but they’re also embracing recent shoe brands like Zuriick and Marais. Which is ideal for the area—which they describe as being filled with “young people here who are rediscovering old styles while creating their own style. It’s really inspiring to see re-interpretations of past trends.” 


It sounds like the area has more than just trendsetters to offer the world with unique dining experiences the Shoe Market owners enjoy like Tandem in Bushwick, Diner and La Superior. “There are new amazing restaurants opening every day around here,” they say. As veterans of the brand, the ladies have cultivated a certain taste in the lines. “Our top seller has been the Ake,” they say, “but we just got in the Nico boot and are getting a great response to it.” They still have things they’re excited about, which we’re grateful for, and they’re anxiously anticipating something built just for them: “We are still waiting for the womens collection to come. We are dying for the Nico womens boot (Herrera) that is coming this fall.” 


Shoe Market has been good to us, so be good to them if you’re in the Williamsburg area and want to see some of their heritage shoes mixed in with the new. Ask for a restaurant or shop tip and they’re sure to supply—33 collective years in New York is good for that at the very least.