This month with the release of our summer line our shoes will be shipped with a mason jar. It's no lighter, but it's free and who can't use an extra glass around the house? We have put together a how-to on how to obtain a jar and how to use it. How To Use Zuriick Mason Jars: Step  

1) Select merchandise from our online store worth $75 (before tax and shipping) and you qualify for a mug (limited quantities—first come first serve).


Step 2) Receive package from Zuriick.  

Step 3) Carefully open package.  

Step 4) Review contents of the package and confirm you made the right decision. 

Step 5) Carefully remove your new mug and fill it with a tasty beverage.  

Step 6) If by mistake you poured juice in the mug, quickly rinse with water and add an ice cold brew. ** Hold the glass at an 45 degree angle. This method guarantees the proper head. When the glass is 2/3 full of beer, straighten the glass out and hold it upright.  


Step 7) Drink it.


Step 8 ) Repeat steps 6 & 7 until desired level of happiness is achieved.