San Francisco has been known as one of the more influential centers of counter culture cool since the first beat picked up a pen and put it to paper in the early half of the 20th century. The city on the bay is still bringing it with unique hotspots and boutiques like Bastille.

We recently did a Q&A with two delightful Bastille employees, Holly Bun and Lori Phan. They had plenty to say about the city, their taste in music and their thoughts about Zuriick. 

1) Where are you both originally from? 

HB: Stockton, California. 

LP: San Jose, California. 

2) Both Calfornia girls, that’s nice. And what do you both like about the city you’re currently in? 

HB: It’s a beautiful city where you don’t need a car. You can walk everywhere. That, and the food. The easy, affordable access to fresh, organic, California grown produce and talented chefs here make it really easy to eat well, uh, a lot. 

LP: It is extremely beautiful, clean, and so chill. The weather is amazing! There is so much character in this city and our diverse neighborhoods.  

3) San Francisco will long be known for its impact on music worldwide. What kind of local music do you enjoy in SF? 

HB: I’ve been DJ-ing strictly vinyl for over six years here in the city. I play stuff from Krautrock like Can, to coldwave like Deux, to Chicaco house music like Larry Heard. This town is a place for electronic music. Some of my favorite Bay Area bands are Mi Ami, Tres Lingerie and Jonas Reinhardt. They all incorporate or are influenced by analog synths and past musicians that influence my own taste. Also great bands from all over the world play here often too. Blondes from Brooklyn is playing here soon. They are amazing. 

LP: I like going to places that play a good mix of hip hop, soul, and underground. Yoshi’s is a cool venue where my favorite artists perform. Otis plays the best hip hop in the city. My guilty pleasure is The Knockout in the Mission. They have a night called “Booty Bassment” every third Saturdays where they play strictly Top 40’s hip hop and club bangers from the 90’s. 

4) We didn’t know you DJ’d Holly. Cute and talented—quite a combo. When did you ladies first see Zuriick? And what did you think about them? 

HB: I would see them on a lot of guys biking in the city. They are comfortable shoes to bike in and can endure a lot of abuse—like dancing! 

LP: I first saw them at the Urban Outfitters in Sacramento where I was working. I loved the slim silhouettes, clean design, and the lack of logo or branding on the shoe.

5) How has your view of the shoes changed as we’ve passed our five year mark? 

HB: I think Zuriick is really evolving into a lifestyle brand. I am really enjoying the selections with the leather soles, which are a dressier alternative to the canvas styles with the purple soles. They look great with the less casual stuff we have in the store. 

LP: Zuriick has branched out from the simple canvas shoe to dressier shoes and boots. I definitely see the brand expanding and growing with the loyal customer. 

6) Can you guys talk a little about Bastille, SF? 

Both: The San Francisco Bastille store is the little sister of the Bastille in SLC. Some of the brands are really similar, but our store caters toward a very different customer here in San Francisco. We carry Band of Outsiders, Boy. And Girl. by Band of Outsiders, Engineered Garments, Acne, Woolrich, MBMJ, Under.ligne by Doo.ri, Fjallraven, Lightning Bolt, Highland and a bunch of other amazing brands. 

7) What do you like about the store/? 

HB: I like the fact that a lot of customers say that this is a taste of New York in San Francisco. For some reason, that makes me smile. 

LP: The designers we carry are some of my absolute favorites. This store temporarily holds my wardrobe until I can afford to buy it all. 

8 ) If you had to classify your sense of style in everyday dress what would it be? 

HB: I like menswear and I like women’s clothing from Swedish brands like Acne, Ann-Sofie Back and Rodebjer. 

LP: I like to go back and forth between dressing like a boy and wearing girly, drapey, sheer pieces. Layering is essential in San Francisco. That isn’t complete without a comfortable pair of oxfords or heeled boots. 

9) Where do you go to eat and hang out when you’re in your favorite area of the city? 

HB: I love a lot of restaurants in the Mission, like Foreign Cinema for dinner or Gracias Madre which is an amazing vegan restaurant. Meat eaters don’t even realize it’s vegan. I hang out all over the city. There isn’t just one good place to go when you go out. Public Works is a new gallery/club where a lot is happening. You would probably find me there often. 

LP: I enjoy cheap, delicious food. To eat: Giordano’s in North Beach has a spectacular all-in-one Philly-style sandwich with meat, (delicious) coleslaw, and (delicious) french fries. You can throw a fried egg in there if you’re extra hungry. Down the street, there’s King of Thai, which serves $5 plates and $2 beers, all day, every day. The one thing I love more than cheap food, are cheap drinks. I like to stay around downtown, like Otis, Tunnel Top, or Bloodhound.

10) Thanks for those tips. We’ll definitely try a few spots out when we’re in town next. Going back to shop talk, what was the first pair of Zuriicks you owned? 

HB: I’m stomping around town in my Nico Raven’s. 

LP: The Reuben Raven’s. They look cool and they’re so comfortable. I love them! I get so many girls and guys asking about them. 

11) Those are going fast lately, you’re right. What are your current favorite styles? 

HB: Nico Raven and Reuben Raven. I like to keep it simple. 

LP: Same! I love the semi-dressy, black canvas shoes that came out this season.

Thank you, ladies of Bastille, SF. It was nice meeting you. We should be in the city soon. We’ll stop by and say hello. Chances are you’ll find us in the Mission District eating some food before we stop in.