I've had the pleasure over the years to play with many talented musicians. In 2002 I was introduced to a young gentlemen, Chad Murphy. We became good friends and played in multiple bands together over the next eight years. As most stories go, he moved, began his own family and pursued schooling and more schooling, never letting his golden hands rest too long. Tuesday evening I received an email from him announcing he had finished a five song album under the name Markarians. If you have ever had the opportunity to meet Chad, you already know he's amazingly talented and one of the most stand up gentlemen around. Chad has made it available for a free download here. I asked him if he'd write up a quick something about his album: This is an album interested in exploring the miraculousness of life, the origin of our species, and the nutritional content of breakfast cereals. The intent was to balance weighty, deadly serious themes with the absurd, everyday questions and concerns that consume our lives. Hopefully this combination of seriousness and absurdity can offer some sort of new perspective on the totally amazing and hilarious premise underlying each of Life's Big Questions, as well as on the significance of the seemingly trivial aspects of our day-to-day lives. In the end, though, it's just songs.

Markarians--Strangers II from Chad Murphy on Vimeo.