We are often flattered by the amount of love we receive from the people who wear our shoes. Nothing makes us happier than to see a pair of Zuriick shoes that have seen many things and walked many miles. We recently received a message about a blog post from one of our customers that surprised even us. She posted about her Ake Bloodlines that have gracefully taken a very hard beating for a full year and are sadly being retired.

My boyfriend bought these ake BLOODLINE shoes for me a year ago. I wore them constantly, if not everyday. These shoes were and still are more perfect than all of the other shoes I have... I am about to mount the bloodlines on my wall as a reminder of a truly enjoyable pair of shoes that combines design and utility. Your shoes are works of art, and I thank your company for making my favorite shoes and giving me the most enjoyable and fun article of clothing I own.

Thank you for the love and thank you for giving these Akes a proper resting place.

See the post in its entirety here.