Here at Zuriick, shoes and boots are the primary focus - interpretations of experiences, representations of people, places and events. Occasionally, the medium for that interpretation is a t-shirt.  "Into the Fire" is a print born from two unlikely parents to create a unique piece of clothing with a story all it's own.  The photograph gracing the tee is one taken by Zuriick designer, Michael McCaleb on a recent trip to Montana.  A familiar and favorite stomping ground where inspiration pours from old memories and new discoveries, Montana holds out her beauty unabashedly for anyone with a camera to capture. At Zuriick, those opportunities lead to designs.

For the text, friend and fellow musician, Chad Murphy, lends the title of a track on his most recent album, Andre In Love.  In the expanse of the Big Sky state, reflection is inevitable and Murphy’s explanation of his work was never more applicable:

"Hopefully this combination of seriousness and absurdity can offer some sort of new perspective on the totally amazing and hilarious premise underlying each of Life’s Big Questions, as well as on the significance of the seemingly trivial aspects of our day-to-day lives."

“Into the Fire” is a union of arts as original as the artists who created it. Available online now, find this tee and download the track for free below. Get more of Murphy’s music and find out about Markarians on Bandcamp.