After spending the past year in the Far East, its been nice to experience a change of scenery spending time along the snowy shores of America's East Coast.

My job in Shanghai afforded me the opportunity to spend a week in New York City working the tradeshow circuit. Rubbing shoulders with some of the best brands in the world and hanging with old friends. All while staying at the perfectly curated Ace Hotel, room 428 to be specific.

In true American fashion I took down at least one burger each day (but most days springing for two), from 10oz turkey burgers to the Breslin's chargrilled lamb burger with "thrice cooked" fries. These dudes totally get meat!

In order for a closer view of "the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave," I took the bus up to Boston. Visited some nicely executed retail concepts, namely Louis right on the beautiful Boston harbor, and The Tannery in the center of town on Boylston. Then spent the rest of the weekend driving around the North Shore, checking Salem, Gloucester, and Rockport off my list.

USA! All the way!