Rub the smudges off your super smart phone! Dab the sweat from your brow! Polish your silver! Wipe away your tears (when you realize you don't own any silver), or fake how fancy you are and stick it in the chest pocket of your tweed blazer. If you're anything like us, you just prefer some folded back-pocket action - making it a handy hanky for getting that last bit of puke off your face, before anyone notices your bout with those late-night burritos.

Get your greasy hands on our hand-dyed, custom screen-printed hanky, while supplies last. Free with purchase of $75 or more at our SLC store or online shop. Because we care about you and want to help keep crumbs off your beard, you can also buy a spare, sporting a different design, for $9.

Watch Juicy and Tomita show us how much fun they had staining their hands, all for your benefit.