The Zuriick Spring Line is nothing if not saturated with color.  Composed of bright and daring shades, anyone perusing the collection can see Zuriick prefers to color outside the lines, and that includes borders. For more insight into the inspiration behind these vibrant hues, let’s go straight to the source:

“It's all from my trip to Japan. It was the first time I had ever been there, despite my heritage. The colors came from select photos, but it was the overall mood of the country and where it took me personally that really inspired the pallet. It was the feeling of heat, sweat dripping down my face as I walked to the subway every morning, the unforgiving sun beating down on us while we walked around Asakusa.

When I came home and began working on the line, it was cold.  The photos reminded me of what was coming – it was from those impressions of Japan, mental as much as visual, that I pulled the colors for Spring.”      – Zuriick designer, Michael McCaleb