There's more to Salt Lake City than snow sports and the Sundance Film Festival. For those of us who don't participate in either, our city provides plenty of other ways to blow your paycheck. We choose tattoos - because it’s best to spend money on something permanent, right?

Over half of us here at Zuriick have tattoos, and in our opinion (formed by years of experience, and way too many appointments at second-rate tattoo shops) the best place to get tattooed in Salt Lake City, or the world for that matter, is Yellow Rose Tattoo.

Yellow Rose Tattoo opened their doors in August 2010, led by Gailon Justus, Jon Chatelain, Louis Flores, and Troy Trujillo - of the former Eleventh Street Electric Gallery famed team of artists.

Mike has been getting some cover-up work done by Jon, mountain-man/wonder-boy, so we decided it'd be the perfect time to sit in on one of his 3-hour appointments and take some photos of the shop. Not only talented with tattoo machines, the artists at Yellow Rose also did the entire shop build out.

Although Jon has done the majority of our tattoos, each artist at the shop truly knows his craft – which means never having to worry about how the piece will turn out.

If you're in town, stop by their shop and be amazed. If you're not in town, then you should probably reevaluate your life.

Yellow Rose Artist Roster: Luis Flores, Jon Chatelain, Gailon Justus, Matt Miskol, Cody Collins, and Troy Tujillo.