If you've followed our brand for any time at all, you're probably already aware that Mike (our designer) is more comfortable working in a garage surrounded by power tools, than he is sitting in his office designing shoes. 

Thankfully for us all, he somehow manages to find enough time in life to do both. And another plus is that he doesn't suck at either endeavor.

We opened our own retail store nearly one year ago, and these past few months we convinced Mike to use his garage/workshop (conveniently attached to our office) to build some new fixtures for our retail space. 

The talented group at cityhomeCollective recently stopped by for a visit and put together a really nice spotlight on our brand and the space where we work.  We were planning to show you more photos of our store/office, but they did such a great job that we'd rather let their photos tell our story. Check out the full post here.

If you're in town, make sure to come by and see our recently updated store front. 

If you're not in town, then you should probably buy a plane ticket to Salt Lake so you don't miss out on all this in-house awesomeness.

Click for directions.