A few years back I was fortunate to spend a couple months in Puerto Rico.

While there, I became close friends with Dario Morales, one half of the amazing psych-rock band Fantasmes. Together with Mario Negrón, they've crafted a truly hypnotic tropical sound.

Earlier this year I headed back to that Isle of Enchantment with our Zuriick crew and Steven Stone, to shoot our most recent campaigns.  We enlisted Dario to model for us, and like his music, he didn't disappoint.

Check their video "Redness Moon," in preparation for Fantasmes' new album, which will be released September 4th on Last Bummer Records.

Their lo-fi Puerto Rican waves are gaining momentum and earning due notoriety on some of the best sites the internet has to offer. Keep up on all the fantastic Fantasmes happenings right here.