We’re always looking for new ways to do what we do and grow as a company.  In that endeavor, we came across a Northwestern boot company using old world techniques with all American resources. We saw the potential and after a few conversations over the phone, took a trip to Spokane, WA to meet with the fine people at Nick's Boots.

It began as all meetings should - across the table at a local diner, where we met with Nick’s GM, Frank, a solid, down-to-earth businessman. After our hearty breakfast and a quick tour, we sat down to discuss exactly what we wanted to create.

The product of that collaboration is an American-made boot created to last a lifetime with handcrafted construction that lends itself to being rebuilt.  When any part wears, Nick's can replace just that piece and maintain the integrity of the boot.

With business taken care of, we found some time to check out the downtown scene in Spokane. A half-pound burger and fries went down well with some local beer and a few shots of whiskey. Everyone we met was genuinely nice and the vibe of the town was laid back, just the way I like it. The trip was a success on every level and my first impression of Spokane was a good one – it’s the kind of place I would live, if I could.