In our business, we meet a lot of interesting people from all walks of life. Andy Carter is one such acquaintance we were fortunate enough to meet awhile back. You may recognize Andy from our photo shoot with Steven Stone, but it was his day job that sent us back to learn more. Andy was kind enough to let us stop by his amazing custom motorcycle and parts shop to pick his brain and admire his creations.

Pangea Speed Headquarters are housed in a converted airplane hangar close to downtown Salt Lake City, and only a few yards from the runway of a local airport. This proximity to classic flying machines seems to have had quite an impact on Andy’s one-of-a-kind bike building aesthetic, which is currently making waves in the custom motorcycle scene. This past year, his unique designs have earned him the recognition of numerous write ups and awards, including a recent post on Pipeburn, and a beautiful video feature on Hypebeast, just to name a few.

Seeing Carter’s creations up close while he explained the design and build process behind his bikes was an experience we looked forward to for quite some time – and he didn’t disappoint. We’re fortunate to have such impressive builders close to home and are confident that more and more people will catch on to Pangea Speed’s incredible quality and unwavering attention to detail.

If you like cool stuff, be sure to follow Andy’s new build, Black Hawk Chief, for this summer’s Born Free 4: Custom Motorcycle Show.