About Zuriick

Let’s start at the very end, that’s where you come in. Those shoes you love? They’re Zuriick, which means they’re not just made from premium materials: leather and canvas, stitches and lacing. Zuriick shoes are made from a lifetime of memories and experiences. They are conceived and designed by Michael McCaleb, a quiet guy with an eye for style and, lucky for you, a generous nature.

So how did it all start? McCaleb is the kind of guy who likes what he likes – if he can’t find it, he’ll just make it, and in the summer of 2005, that’s what he did. Slimmer, lighter and with more attitude than the average boat, Ake was the first. With any branding intentionally left off bar the telltale purple sole, our band member turned designer/entrepreneur took his idea to production. Success was a long shot, it always is, but success wasn’t the motivation or the objective. This was pleasure, a hobby for personal satisfaction, and anything driven by passion is bound to be good.

Twelve years later, Zuriick is over thirty styles deep - adding a brand new line of 100% American-made boots to the roster in 2013 with Zuriick USA. There is still no corporate interest, no suits or market trends dictating what gets produced. The purple sole is still the only way to identify a Zuriick shoe; they won’t ask you to advertise for them. It’s not just the designer’s heart and soul in this company; this is a story about a whole group of people creating something they are passionate about. You won’t find a Zuriick employee without a worn in pair of Nicos, Akes or Shugs. From start to finish, conception to shipping, these shoes are all their own. The names come from the people in McCaleb’s life; his inspiration from friends, his music library and surroundings.

What drives this company now is what started it in the beginning - a passion for style, quality, and self-expression. Zuriick will continue to grow and change. New influences will bring new inspiration and success will always be the byproduct of a purer vision. Be part of the Zuriick story – every shoe here has one, and it ends on your feet. Or is that where it begins?